Real Talk: What Happened to The Music Industry?

Don’t get the wrong idea that all the music written in this “millennial times” are bad. There are still good songs and music to listen to. But in a professional perspective, the art in music we used to enjoy somehow replaced by big bucks. It’s no longer art. It’s now a business. Though this opinion or point of view is rather subjective, we cannot deny that those old good days are missed by many.


Full of Words, No Meaning

Well, we don’t have to give out examples, because you might be playing one right now on your phone. No offense though. Songs nowadays are full of words with no meaning. If there is any meaning to them, it would be green. Imagine a 4-year old kid singing about her booty. The problem with this scenario is there are children listening to them. We hope that artists could try to make music with real meaning that will inspire the young generation to be better and not just to drive website traffic. Kudos to Eminem. His songs are full of words but come with lessons about his life, his failures, and family. We just hope that new artists can do the same.

Sexism Music

songHave you ever asked this question, where did all the good artist go? Turn on the television, you’ll see music videos focusing on the artist’s physical attributes. We don’t say that every artist shows their boobies to get attention and reap instagram followers and likes. It’s just so appallingly common. Feminists around the world disapprove songs with sexism meaning to them including inappropriate music videos. They often get teased for being too feminist, sensitive, and reactive. But the truth is, they got a point. It’s so sad that this is too conventional in the music industry that we unconsciously become used to it.

Follow The Money

Every industry needs money and vodafone pay as you go top up. We get that part. But people behind these big records should know the impact of their actions. Besides, there are so many palates to fill. We hope that they would release songs because they are good music, not just because they are sure that this song will sell. Music is so powerful. It has so many channels to reach a wide range of audience. We hope they can bank on that kind of power to help on the issues of our society. There are so many possibilities in music. Music can rock the whole world and unite people together.

Genre Focused

Music has so many genres yet we know so few of them. Music industry focuses on “Pop” music. As a result, we have pop all the way. We love pop music, let’s establish that first. But there are other genres fading behind the limelight. And the sad part is they are great, meaningful music. But again, these genres don’t stand a chance against the might pop.